Law and disorder

Indian police since 1947 has been working like colonial police of Britain. Their job is to please the boss and suppress the voice that is loud. Victims shout, shouting is a nuisance, and nuisance must be suppressed. Maoists violate law because “legally” a “usurper” cannot be jailed or otherwise punished.

The reason is judiciary – it takes ages to decide a simple traffic offence. So punishing a Maoist through “due process of law” is impossible. So police give up due process of law and simply “encounter” them – whatever it means. Politicians wink at police.

The result is neither the criminal nor the police follow the “rule of law”. But police/politician is official while Maoist is unofficial. Politicians cannot come out of politics because the moment they come out, they lose the unofficial immunity and must suffer. Thus they move earth and heaven/hell to stay elected through fair/foul means. For police bringing a Maoist to law is a tedious process. Third degree methods and fabricating cases are easier. Since independence we are being ruled by a single party called Congress. Opposition parties are countless and are disunited just as splinter groups. If congress is rejected at polls 20 or more parties form a government and because each head of the party is a potential CM or PM, the coalition becomes dysfunctional and hands over government to congress again. So congress means stability. Stability means rule by the same people or their progeny, stability of corruption, stability of nepotism, stability of casteism, communalism, vote bank politics and the like. And then congress is rich, very rich to win friends and influence votes. Mobilizing an exodus to a politician’s meeting is easy for congress. At this game all opposition parties fail.

Dr. Binayak Sen belongs to a splinter group but is vociferous. Congress sees only an enemy in him and so must be suppressed at any cost, so he is jailed. Mahatma Gandhi used fast as a powerful non-violent method to drive his point to rulers. The British rulers had to accept Gandhiji’s methods and had to give in (The British compared Gandhiji to Christ and religiously obliged him). Gandhiji’s non-violence paid dividends. After independence we killed Gandhi. The blame goes to Godse and therefore to BJP, but the beneficiaries are congress men. Congress quotes Gandhiji, but fails to follow him. Independent India jailed Gandhians like Jayaprakash Narayan on an “emergency” basis.

In France Jean Paul Sartre headed the movement of workers and the poor. Bureaucracy there also advised Charles de Gaulle to jail Sartre. But de Gaulle countered “how can you arrest a ‘Voltaire’ in France?” Indira Gandhi and her progeny never ask such questions like “how can you arrest a ‘Gandhi’ in India?” And so fast is false and a farce.

I personally feel that we need a forward constitution not a backward one. With the present constitution the ultimate ambition of every Indian is to get rice/wheat /sugar/kerosene/petrol at highly subsidized rates, just that and nothing else. Freedom of expression is the last priority of the hungry.

I am an incurable optimist. Even for a brief period congress must be defeated. Opposition rules for six months and hands over power back to “stable” congress. But each such defeat educates voters further. After dozen defeats, Indian National Congress will become Indian NOTIONAL congress and makes it another splinter.

Thus we will head for a true democracy from the mobocracy of vote bank politics.



నేను తెలుగు లో బ్లాగ్ వ్రాయాలి . ఎలాగ ?
ఈ జ స్వామి

NEED A NEW CONSTITUTION (Indian constitution is obsolete)

Something that conditions us to look forward not backward

Sixty years of Indian constitution has hardly helped India to progress politically, economically, socially, diplomatically. In fact the constitution failed us betraying the trust we reposed in it. Authors of the constitution drafted as though it was meant to be for a decade. They totally lacked long sight and failed to understand Indian psyche. Utopian India i.e., from Khyber Pass to Kanyakumari never existed as a single strong entity before Christ or after. A constitution that needs two amendments in three years cannot be called perfect, not even good .Each amendment exposes loopholes.

Japan after WW-II, Honk Kong, Singapore and Taiwan started from scratch and developed to economic powers .These countries began economic growth around 1947 and have become enviable. These countries never compromised on freedom. China also grew but with total compromise on individual liberty. Given India`s resources including man power our country should have become a super power but our constitution failed us.

American constitution needed just 27 amendments during 200yrs, amending US constitution needs a laborious process of 2/3rds of legislators proposing it in the first place and every state having a veto to negate the amendment. British constitution needs nearly a “plebiscite” for amendment.

Indian constitution needed 95 amendments during 60 yrs. Indian constitution can be amended by an ordinance promulgated by a toothless president in the middle of the night. Indian constitution contradicts Indian constitution. While freedom of speech is guaranteed an “EMERGENCY “declared as per constitution restricted all types of freedom.

Constitution created three independent institutions (1) Legislatures , (2) Judiciary and (3) Executive

LEGISLATURES – Criminals, cheats, money launderers, Illiterates fill them. Unaccounted money is spent to get elected. A few crimes and a lot of unearned money is a prequalification to get elected. To represent people one has to be very rich and an unconvinced criminal. Un convicted criminal is one who buys bail. MLAs and MPs are ordered through a whip to elect a misfit as a leader. Legislatures failed us.

JUDICIARY – Absolutely independent, so independent that no two judges think alike. Judges read news papers watch private TV channels and always have a pre formed opinion on legislative and constitutional issues. Objective perfect judgments are disturbed by constitutional amendments which change the meaning of any law or even constitution. Don’t say “justice delayed is justice denied”. Lawyers successfully countered “justice hurried is justice buried”. Anomaly is common, so common that lack of anomaly is perverted justice. So there are under trials in prison for periods longer than the maximum prison term for the offence they are charged with .On bail freely moving around and running for elections are those accused of murder and they die a natural death holding a constitutional post like chief minister or cabinet minister. Goddess of Justice is literally blindfolded. A court can “stay” the operation of an executive or a legislature if the order/operation infringes on the FUNDAMENTAL rights of a citizen like right to life right to free faith et al .A litigation mongering “citizen “can claim in the court that heavily “breathing “and “snoring” by his /her spouse leaving excessive carbon dioxide is a threat to his/her life and the judge is ready to “stay the breathing” until further orders. Judiciary failed us .Election petitions questioning the validity or legality of legislators of dubious morals are decided by courts after the term of legislators is over rendering court decisions in fructuous

EXECUTIVE – Runs offices. CORRUPTION is so rampant that none believes that honest civil servants exist (unfortunately for them a few do exist). “A rule is a rule “is the rule of the executive .There is two other rules, rule #1 senior is always right and rule #2 if the senior is wrong, rule no 1 applies.

Executive is proudly described as “stone hearted”. From the day of Independence to this day central and state secretariats made orders for guidance. These government orders abbreviated as GOs are thrown to public like pamphlets. Not a single GO clears any issue. It confuses often. So often that hundreds of GOs are challenged in courts for violating the constitution and courts more often “RESERVE THE JUDGMENTS” with the result CONSTITUTIONAL PROVISIONS are “STAYED” for decades. And to circumvent this anomaly constitution is amended again .An honest election commissioner who does not toe the line of ruling elite is negated by another amendment to constitution facilitating two more election commissioners. Legislatures, judiciary and executive meant to coordinate with each other contradict each other and “Rule of law “becomes “rule of lawyers”. Lawyers maintain a panel of bail givers and bail givers earn a lot for nothing.

INDIA IS THE MOST POPULOUS DEMOCRACY – Indian population is an asset but the constitutional provisions made it a liability. ”CASTE” undid all the fruits of freedom. With the pious hope of removing deep rooted caste system and to bring forward people of those castes considered “low and menial” constitution “reserved“ seats in legislatures, university admissions and government jobs all for a limited period. This limited period became unlimited once influential politicians and senior civil servants found this as a short cut to name, fame and power. So the caste system is perpetuated and facilities of castes demanded eternally .Because reservations once given can’t be taken back each caste drafted a secret agenda of boosting their number. “NATIONAL FAMILY PLANING (WELFARE) PROGRAMME “miserably failed to limit population growth. Any poverty eradication program just failed.

Bureaucracy going by rules failed to understand this, suggested more and more money to be spent by state for “incentivizes” to those who limit their families. Workers of all categories including Class 1 officers were paid money for limiting their families. Next step may be that those who remain unmarried, those who take a vow of celibacy and sterile couple may be paid lump sum for their national service.

India is the only country in the whole world where it is a PRIVILEGE to be officially declared BACKWARD. This situation i.e., everyone opting (choosing) to be very backward is mental makeup of Indians. It is no different from being the British subjects. So we need a new conditioning process. ONLY A NEW CONSTITUTION CAN ACHIEVE IT.

Education in India is spoiled irreparably

Indian students have become helpless. All governments are experimenting with students from LKG to Ph.D. Education is a concurrent subject. Central, state and local governments can start educational institutions. So we have Municipal schools, Panchayat schools, State government schools and Central schools. The standards in each of these schools are not uniform. Municipal mayors, Panchayat presidents, State ministers and other politicians are ILLITERATE. They never attended schools.


Education is privatized which means anyone who can hire a building can start a school or college. Parents prefer these because the teaching in private schools is in English medium. Being able to speak English words like mom, dad, etc. in itself is regarded as the best education.

Classes begin in the order 

1.       LKG entrance coaching

2.       LKG

3.       UKG

4.       1st to 10th standard (good standard is not needed/not possible)

5.       + 2 whatever it means

6.       EAMACET / IIT coaching

7.       A guaranteed seat in any Engineering college (students scoring  0% in entrance also are assured of a seat under

          General category

          Payment category

          Management quota

          Minority quota  and

          60 Special quota, so much for Engineering education

Medical education is stranger. Private medical colleges are ubiquitous. Sikkim, Manipal, Myamnar, Ukraine, Romania, China offer medical education for fee ranging from Rs.45lakhs to Rs90 lakhs.

Arts and Science degrees like B.A, B.Sc, M.A, M.Sc are available by mail.


Government itself runs schools and colleges but teachers in these abodes of Goddess SARASWATI are paid less than sweepers in municipalities. Students go there under the constitutionally guaranteed "RIGHT TO EDUCATION”




Mother Kunti wanted to preserve the family’s respect. Unmarried Kunti was (blessed) (cursed) with a son born with natural defenses like armor and ear rings. This Karna was put into a golden box and floated into a river. Golden armor and golden box convey that the kid has royal background. Gold counts but not the child. Kunti had sons from Yama, Vayu and Indra. Madri had Nakul and Sahadev. Ganga had eight sons through Shantnu. Seven of them were drowned by the mother herself. The eighth one Devavrat the future Bhishm was saved by his father Shantnu. Dhevavrat remained a celibate to make sure that his step mother Matsya gandhi is sure of patrimony to her progeny. Love for money again.
In Kaliyug mothers started loving kids forever. During the last century many mothers had children even after having a few grand children through their eldest sons or daughters. Because the eldest sister is more than 20 years older than the youngest brother marrying niece was allowed to keep property from dividing.
Civilized moms came later. Till 30 or 35 they refuse motherhood in pursuit of well paying and ego boosting careers. Two children or still better one child is enough. This ensures mother`s total love to a single child and mother’s career as well. Some women are still more evolved. They become lesbians and adopt children later.
Poor mothers abort their own children. Or still worse they strangulate the new born. Rich mothers go for highly paid abortions to avoid their grown up children commenting on her carnal desires.
Moral – A rich mother having no career only loves children after she attains menopause

Chinese must eat everything–they are hard working and intelligent

Over populated Chinese have developed a special taste for special foods.Any living thing is edible. Beef, pork, rabbits and frogs are delicacies. Ecological balance is well maintained with people not hesitating to eat insects. Some tribes in India`s Arunachal Pradesh and Mizoram also eat similar food and hence the Chinese claim of Indian territories.



The rupture is complete. Congress party in Andhra Pradesh is virtually split into two, Congress Jagan and Congress Sonia. UPA chairwoman and congress high command put Andhra Pradesh to the ultimate test. The test question is "can congress exist in AP without the mercy of coterie surrounding Sonia and her son?" Yes said people of AP.
Unrelated to any political issue Y.S.Jagan, MP, son of late Dr.Y.S.Rajasekharareddy conducted a condolence and memorial meeting for YSR. The response was overwhelming. Uncountable number of people assembled at Nallakaluva near Pavuralagutta place of helicopter crash that killed YSR. Y.S.Jagan addressed the ocean of people and promised to continue his late father’s programmes. This meeting is different from several earlier meetings addressed by Soniaji.  Earlier Soniaji’s meetings also were well attended but then there were lorries and trucks to transport people, biriyani and water packet supplies to each and every person attended, free congress flags distributed, a scheme to be inaugurated and so full misuse of government machinery. Y.S.Jagan had no such facility. This proves that Jagan commands a lot of popularity unrelated to Congress party. People of Andhra are unanimous that Jagan should be the CM. Ignoring this only can mean that Congress (Jagan), already recognised in Andhra will be acknowledged all over India. 


Swine flu, Dengue, AIDS, TB and a number of other diseases are not bothering people of AP. By now Andhras’ tolerance is comparable to mother earth. They do not need any treatment for any disease. They live with a disease or die of it, but the new disease called “GOVERNMENT”.


This disease is caused by humans more virulent than viruses. These humans are called politicians. All of them have too much money they did not earn. They belong to three castes

1)    Reddy

2)    Kamma and 

3)    Kapu

 People of other castes do exist but in minimum numbers. Dalits do exist because they have to exist as per constitution of India. 

Women also exist. Also exist are six women cabinet ministers (doing nothing for women) and the all powerful Delhi WOMAN high command busy with elections outside Andhra to ensure good selling of her party, her Surname to credulous people whose ultimate aim in life  is to get rice for Rs 2-a- kg.

Late Dr. Y.S.Rajasekhara Reddy who did a whale of a job, died to prove the adage "those whom Gods love die young" Not so young Sriman Roshiah elected by no legislator became the CM. To be fair to Srimanji CM it must be said he honestly admitted before people he does not have any energy left in his fossil like body. He dispatches Homoeopathic medicines to all areas for all diseases. A Vaishya by caste, he literally weighs every word he utters and speaks the less to everybody’s delight. Apart from Finance he holds the portfolio of “lotteries” banned in AP. Almost all shops announce lotteries on purchases to lure easy money mongers. Prizes up to Kgs of gold included. None knows who checks these lotteries and how. Police maintain a marvelous silence.


Home-minister Mrs. P.Sabita Indrareddy widowed when her husband was killed by naxalites is a very very good person. But she is, as is clear now, is least suited as home minister. Women are saying it louder than men. A handpicked lady of late Dr.YSR she unintentionally though failed to secure the safety of her dear brother YSR. She visited the scene of helicopter crash at Pavuralagutta more to cry than to investigate the unfortunate accident. She walked a few miles of the inhospitable terrain of Nallamalai to reach Pavuralagutta. Back from that place to Hyderabad she found more reasons to cry and cry. On an average two women are raped murdered or both everyday in AP. In one high school 30 to 40 girls attempted suicide as they were sexually harassed by the male correspondent. Already the home minister is enquiring a nursing college run by a male MLA where also nursing students were sexually harassed by the MLA. More recently a brother-in-law axed his sister-in-law to a gory death in full public view. In one more love affair a youth attacked his darling love with a knife critically wounding her. Her parents who tried to intervene were stabbed to death, all in just five minutes.


MS.J.Geetha Reddy is the minister for cinematography, information and tourism. She is clueless about tourism and conducts press meet with half prepared incomplete information. About cinematography she is yet to understand that violence against women in AP is mostly caused by movies, TV serials and TV features and episodes eulogizing violence as MANLY.  “To be violent is to be masculine” as per movies and TV.


MS.Konda Surekha is the minister for Women and child welfare is busy proving all the 600 odd deaths in AP are out of sadness at YSR’s death and the figure is not engineered by Jagan (YSR’s son). Women’s welfare takes a second place.


About other ministers the less said the better. Andhra Pradesh is being now run by officials not answerable to anyone.


MAY LORD HELP US! OR MAY NOT! When ornaments from temples are stolen!



Economists, bankers, stock brokers, online traders, credit card suppliers, real estate brokers and a horde of others use highly technical jargon to confuse simple souls like us – recession, economic meltdown, liquidity ratio, book profits, immovable assets, portfolio management and participatory notes. Ignore the technical jargon. Leave these terms to those who seek a PhD in economics.


Indian earners are daily wage earners, weekly earners, monthly earners, blue collar earners, white collar earners and those who need no collar to earn. I call them black collar earners. Every time an item is purchased / sold unofficially without written proof, the money is called black money, and goes to black collar earners doing business in black markets 


Large quantities of hard earned honestly acquired money is received by realtors, bullion merchants, wholesalers, politicians, film personalities, drug mafia, illegal arms dealers and the like. This money is not invested. It is stored in personal and bank lockers. 

Such money cannot buy anything legally. 

Honest citizens feel acute and critical shortage of liquid money when they need it most. Their own money spent for those who deceive them using scientific jargon cannot buy for them anything. It is not even state owned. If it is privately owned no one can touch it.