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1. All Indians are beggars. They must be given food,clothing shelter,electricity,education,medicare , etc absolutely FREE.
2. All things areFREE for all ,  but before elections they are MORE FREE.
3. Municipalities have a duty to remove every mosquito from the area. But no tenant reports that he is paying rent and no land lord lets out his building.
4. A temple can feed 1000k people free daily but a social welfare hostel  has no money to buy rations for students.
5. A town planning officer is one who regularises all encroachments .
6. A block development officer is an officer who blocks the development.
7. A drug inspector is one who permits sale of spurious drugs by illiterate medical shop owners.
8. Want to report against a malpracising trader? Who knows the address of weights & measures officer? Or the commercial tax officer?
10. An army man’s son/daughter is a NON-LOCAL all over the country.
11. Political posts are INHERITED after the HEIRS get FREELY ELECTED  


Sage Parashar joined Sathyavathi (Mathsyagandhi) to give him a son VEDAVYAS
Sathyavati (Mathsyaganddhi/Yojanagandhi) later married Shantanu on one condition. His son Devavratha later to becalled Bhishma the legal heir to throne should be deprived of the throne. Shantanu was reluctant but he was so deeply in love with Mathsyagandhi that Devavrat volunteered to disown the throne. To avoid later complications Devavrat preferred to stay celibate lifelong. Devavrat thus became BHISHM.
Shantan had two sons through Mathsyagandhi, Chitrangad ( the man with a  peculiar phallus/impotent) and Vichitraveerya(the man whose semen was ineffective). Having these congenital and vital abnormalities they died young leaving their three wives Amba, Ambika and Ambalika widowed.

Vedavyas on orders from his mother joined Ambika, Ambalika and the maid to provided heirs Dhrutharashr and Panduraj. Born to the maid Vidur could not claim inheritance to throne but he was wise.

Dhrithrashtr married Gandhari and had 100 sons and one daughter. Paanduraj married Kunti. Kunti gave birth to Karn before marriage. After marriage she gave birth to Yudhishtir (Dharmaraj) through Yamdharmraj, Bhim through Vayu and Arjun through Indra. The other consort of Pandu gave birth to Nakul and Sahadev.

Arjun solved the MATHSYA YANTHR but all the five Pandavs married Droupadi. In a game of dice, Yudhishtir conceded defeat of Droupadi to Duryodhan in full view of Royal court. Droupadi was physically insulted by Dusshasan in full royal court. And again in open court Droupadi promised not to tie her hair into a knot except after blood coming from Dussashan’s thigh is applied to her hair.

My points are Mathsyagandhi, Ambika, Ambalika Gandhari, Kunti and Draupadi are the key decision makers leaving no chance to males. Only Bhism was the heir to throne but gave up to please Sathyavathi’s wish. Between Kauravs and Pandavas only Kauravs are more eligible for kingdom as Pandu had no children of his own. But to give kingdom to Pandavs a DHRAMA YUDH was needed . After this Darma Yudh, Draupadi dressed her hair.

Arjun did not want to fight the war but Lord Krishna motivated him. After the war none ruled the kingdom. Thus it appears to me that the entire war was to dress Draupad’s hair.


Mahabharat says

1) WOMEN dictate and MEN act accordingly and

2) Inheritance is decided by women keeping men just for name sake


Communists in India are divided into splinter groups each worshipping Kal Max,Mao Tse Tung, Fidel Castro, Lenin, Stalin, Charu Mujamdar and some other Gods. And then God does not exist. They contest elections making full use of privileges of Indian constitution which guarantees unettered freedom of expression. Once elected they find Indian constitution burgeoise and condemn it. Now the stage is set to begin unconstitutional and consequently illegal activities. Now power flows through the barrel of the gun and ignore law and constitution. Rule of law? What is that?

1. They travel to Nepal to help a group that destroyed monarchy and converted countryside to a war zone. Even children fight that revolutionary war there and child casualties are treated by herbal medicines. And this is not called exploiting poverty. Women also fight pitched battles. These special warriors get their weapons by looting police stations, from army deserters, and by pure theft. Gorkha regiment is famous for fighting well. Indian army runs Gorkha regiments consisting of Nepali citizens. After retiring from Indian army they settle in Nepali villages. Some such veterans are indoctrinated to believe that they wasted their youth in Indian army. And now they are ready to train children and women guerillas of Nepal.

2. Communists do not participate in the government in India. Even Prime-minister ship was refused by Jyothi Basu and the politibureau later said it was a historic mistake. This third historic mistake followed  two earlier unforgivable anti Indian mistakes like opposing "Quit India movement" of Mahatma Gandhi and supporting the "Democratic Emergency" of Indira Gandhi. They don’t participate in government and don’t allow the freely elected government to run smoothly all the while extending "outside support". Thus they are friends of a government that need not look for enemies.

3. Communists support and take support from any burgeoise party purely on a temporary basis just to stay in lime light.

4. Communists form governments in states though not at centre. Some of these states are politically and strategically sensitive like Mizoram and West Bengal.
Extremists from Bangladesh and China have free access to India via these "kind" State governments which lack national defence responsibilities.

5. With incessant and nauseating regularity, communists occupy government lands, private lands and endowment lands to distribute to landless poor. Only communist cadres are poor. This land is only for illegal’s who post a bamboo staves on the lands. Those who cannot fix communist flags anywhere are not poor. So no land for poor innocents.

6. Almost every day they block road traffic, train traffic and in states ruled by them even air traffic having scant respect to law. This phenomenon called Dharna or Rastaroko has become part of life in India. If someone is inconvenienced by this well who cares?





India derives her name from river Indu known in Sanskrit as Sindhu. Sindhu river region is inhabited by Sindhus /Sindhus/Hindus.
Hiduism is the principles of Hindus. Hinduism has no single book like Bible or Qoran. Hindus of course have classical Sanskrit scriptures like VEDAs, PURANAs,and ITHIHASAs.
Hinduism preaches ONLY ONE GOD  who is Omnipresent,Omnipotent and Omniscient. HE created everything. Anything created by GOD is GOD`s manifestation and so can be worshipped. Thus Hindus worship the Sun,the Moon, the Stars, the Planets,Rivers,Oceans,Mountains,Trees,  Animals and Humans. The word worship means keeping in deep respect.
Because all are worshipped all areGods or Goddesses under the ONLY LORD.
Wind God and Fire God are friends. Fire God and rain God are enemies.(easy to understand and scientific at that)
Sun has two consorts Prabha (Sanskrit for light) and Chaya (Sanskrit for shade). Moon`s consort is Tara (Sanskrit for star). Astronomical calculationswere possible and needed. Sun right on the head is hot cooler while rising and setting. Thus all planets were observed for goodand evil effects. Astrology thus became the spiritual sister of Astronomy.
For Hindus world was India. After all nothing can exist beyond high Himaalayaas in the north,endless ocean in east west and south.Trbals inhabited in groups all over India  and lived in groups each group fighting the other. The entire world ie India included present Afghanistan,Pakistan,Nepal,Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.
Each tribe had a ruler. Each ruler was a king. Each king was almost God.
Each king transfers his crown to the prince. King`s goldsmith teaches his craft to goldsmith`s son.King`s carpenter teaches the craft only to his son..Royal doctor teaches medicine to his son. And so on. Each craft is transmitted from father to son. And thus each craft practitioners are grouped into a CASTE.Priests and Physicians beong to the uppermost caste called Brahmins ( Brahma is Sanskrit for Scholorship) Brahmins composed VEDAs and similar Divine literature..
 that is holy for Hindus. Ayur is Sanskrit for longevity and Ayurveda is the science od health. Brahmins discovered and practised medicine . But where did they get medicines from? Brahmins  who analysed universe to know about solar and lunar eclipse , also analysed plants and trees.  Some plants and  have  thorns to evade enemies but most plants and herbs have bitter substances in their leaves and fruits. The bitter substances repelled animals from eating leaves . So plants defend themselves with these bitters. But these bitter "POISONS"  in very low doses  are "MEDICINES".Many herbs and plant products were discussed in text books of AYURVEDA , CHARAKA`s first book is Charakasamhita is the first and most exhaustive study of medicines.
People of other castes did different works.
Two kingdoms in Hindu India never lived in peace. They fought each other. The wars were for land ,crops,water,and women. Each such war left refugees,the vanquished, and migrants. Such helpless people were assigned menial jobs like cleaning excreta,disposing of animal carcasses,hanging criminals,etc. These jobs also were inherited by their offsprings.  They  became another caste. But these less privileged caste  consisted of  the UNTOUCHABLES.
The Lord created  the   universe. HE created humans in HIS form. HE  gave them attributes of HIS OWN SOUL. ONE  COSMIC SOUL (PARAM AATHMA )   created many souls for all of us. Body and soul  given by GOD (JEEV AATHMA) are influenced by nature`s bounty. So humans develop carnal and materialistic desires.  More physical happiness,more rest less work etc.  Anyone who comes in the way is bad.  Badness is put to suffering. But how? After all I resemble my grandfather in height, my mother in shape of nose,my uncle in gait and my granduncle in appetite. This means body and soul RE INCARNATE  to fulfil unfulfilled  desires. After several such incarnations , badness totally disappears and when a person with only GOODNESS  and NO MATERIALISTIC DESIRES  dies his body mixes with nature and his soul merges with COSMIC SOUL of LORD. This is heavenly bliss. Till then all men who are born die. And  all men who die are born again in aseries of births and deaths.
Vishnu`s incarnations are ten. HE incarnated  periodically to protct the righteous,to punish the unrighteous, and to establish universal virtue.
Wheather coincidental or scientifically provable is not known but Vishnu`s 10 incarnations describe  and in order of  stages of  human  evolution from marine beings.
1)Fish incarnation(Mathsya) 2) Tortoise  incarnation(Koorma)  3) Hog( Varaaha)  4) Half lion -half human( Naara Simha)  5)Very short statured Brahmin( Vaamana) 6)Ferocious  fighting Kshatriya( Bhaargava)  7)Civilised principled ethical benevolent monarch (Srirama)  8)Versatile scientific king like human who subjugates evil beings,  protects the righteous , and heads  the  herd  of kine (Krishna)  9) The ruler who meditates and preaches only peace  and(Buddha) and  10) Future incarnation called KALKI. About future incarnation we can not say much but the SIMILARITIES BETWEEN KRISHNA AND JESUS ARE MARVELLOUS.
Yasoda Krishna  and Y(J)esus Chris(Kris)t(na)   phoenetically similar names.
Krishnawas born in captivity – Christ was born in a manger.
Infant Krishna faced threat to His life from a cursed uncle  a ruler. Infant Jesus faced threat to his life from Edomite(cursed)Herod.
Vasudev Krishna`s father secretly carried new born Krishna in a basket and kept HIM  by YASODA`S side– Joseph the father of Jesus  secretly carried HIM to Egypt.
Krishna is a COW BOY,protecting cows and helping dairy women in every way. Jesus was a
GOOD SHEPHERD  taking good care of all sheep.
Krishna subdued the sinner serpent Kalindi while all others were watching  giving them the promise of victory over sin and death. – Jesus subdued sin and  death by defeating the designs of Satan.
Krishna had eight consorts and sixteen thousand loves whom he treated as His own.
Jesus had nine chuches to which Paul wrote letters . And Jesus has countless churches  which Jesus "married "  as the "BRIDE SHEEP"
The attraction between Krishna and His devotees is similar to the love between Jesus and churches , ONE OF SPIRITUAL BLISS MANIFESTING AS LOVE
After taking good care of evolution , Hindus took better care of nature and ecology .
Lord Vishnu sleeps on a seven hooded serpent and  travels on eagle. His consort Lady Lakshmi who can give anything to anybody travels on an owl.
Shiva travels on a bull . His sons Kumaraswamy  and Ganapathy travel on peacock and mouse respectively. 


Not caring a damn the prime decision maker Sonia Gandhi made a happy trip to South Africa. It is as good as asking communists to "shut up,go to hell"..If left withdraws support Manmohan Singh can go to the President and request her to give him a chance to prove his majority on the floor of the house. Pratibha Patil will give him that option. The government`s motion if defeated will need BJP , CPI and CPI M to collectively vote against it. The Left should oppose the tilt towards US after it supported a tilt to Soviets making "non alignmet" meaningless. Even if this vote is carried , it becomes HISTORY because the extreme right and extreme left will be voting similarly for the fall of a secular government. This becomes another HISTORICAL ERROR of the left. Manmohan Singh will have to resign but will continue as care taker PM till next elections are over. Entire developmental activity under various schemes will have to stop as code of conduct of elections prohibits fresh initiatives. Bureacracy takes over briefly. BJP and the Left lose face . The same will happen to local partes. Congress will emerge stronger , strongest.