Communists in India are divided into splinter groups each worshipping Kal Max,Mao Tse Tung, Fidel Castro, Lenin, Stalin, Charu Mujamdar and some other Gods. And then God does not exist. They contest elections making full use of privileges of Indian constitution which guarantees unettered freedom of expression. Once elected they find Indian constitution burgeoise and condemn it. Now the stage is set to begin unconstitutional and consequently illegal activities. Now power flows through the barrel of the gun and ignore law and constitution. Rule of law? What is that?

1. They travel to Nepal to help a group that destroyed monarchy and converted countryside to a war zone. Even children fight that revolutionary war there and child casualties are treated by herbal medicines. And this is not called exploiting poverty. Women also fight pitched battles. These special warriors get their weapons by looting police stations, from army deserters, and by pure theft. Gorkha regiment is famous for fighting well. Indian army runs Gorkha regiments consisting of Nepali citizens. After retiring from Indian army they settle in Nepali villages. Some such veterans are indoctrinated to believe that they wasted their youth in Indian army. And now they are ready to train children and women guerillas of Nepal.

2. Communists do not participate in the government in India. Even Prime-minister ship was refused by Jyothi Basu and the politibureau later said it was a historic mistake. This third historic mistake followed  two earlier unforgivable anti Indian mistakes like opposing "Quit India movement" of Mahatma Gandhi and supporting the "Democratic Emergency" of Indira Gandhi. They don’t participate in government and don’t allow the freely elected government to run smoothly all the while extending "outside support". Thus they are friends of a government that need not look for enemies.

3. Communists support and take support from any burgeoise party purely on a temporary basis just to stay in lime light.

4. Communists form governments in states though not at centre. Some of these states are politically and strategically sensitive like Mizoram and West Bengal.
Extremists from Bangladesh and China have free access to India via these "kind" State governments which lack national defence responsibilities.

5. With incessant and nauseating regularity, communists occupy government lands, private lands and endowment lands to distribute to landless poor. Only communist cadres are poor. This land is only for illegal’s who post a bamboo staves on the lands. Those who cannot fix communist flags anywhere are not poor. So no land for poor innocents.

6. Almost every day they block road traffic, train traffic and in states ruled by them even air traffic having scant respect to law. This phenomenon called Dharna or Rastaroko has become part of life in India. If someone is inconvenienced by this well who cares?


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