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Is Islam specially cruel to Humans & Animals ?

I S   I S L A M    S P E C I A L L Y    C R U E L     T O     H U M A N S    A N  D    A N I M A L S   ? 


Well we Hindus heard it for the umpteenth time. Islam trains the followers to be cruel and merciless. This is in contrast to Hinduism which preaches only kindness.


1.       Muslims circumcise 8 day young helpless male child. Even Muslim girls are circumcised. In most Indian villages Hindu children of 8 to 30days are anointed with very hot oil on the abdomen and branded with red hot needles. Scientific educated urban Hindus are no longer doing it. So are scientific Indian Muslims who circumcise children under general/local anesthesia.


2.       Muslims make ritual sacrifice of animals on ID, and during Ramdan. They invoke Allah`s name. On every Dussehra all non Brahmin Hindus make a ritual sacrifice of buffalos, sheep and chickens not for Goddess Durga alone but to their mopeds, bikes, cars and lorries. Cock fights with betting are very common. The fighting cocks are bound to knives so that maximum blood is shed. Hindu kings waged wars after defeat in cock fights just to keep their ego.


3.       When Muslims sacrifice animals for food they slit the throat of the animal and allow the animal to bleed to death – a cruel practice. Hindus just behead animals in one stroke- a kind way. When an animal`s throat is slit the main Carotid artery is cut and blood supply to the brain is immediately stopped making the animal brain dead and insensitive to pain.


4.       Muslims marry their daughters at a young age. And so do Hindus also for the same reason – poverty and illiteracy.


5.       Polygamy is institutionalized among Muslims, thus wronging women. Mostly Islamic women married to a single man live as sisters and share motherhood to all children. Hinduism does not recognize polygamy . But men marry one woman and "keep" a few other women illegally .Such illegally "kept" women have no social/legal/economic or any other protection.


6.       Divorcing Muslim women is very easy and this is unfair to women. Islam permits a divorced woman to marry again. This gives the Muslim woman a chance to change a husband who does not like her. Hindu divorce is difficult and a divorced Hindu woman carries a stigma. So many Hindu women are forced to stay silent in a hell like marriage. 


7.       Islamic jurisprudence is very cruel. Eye for an eye, hand for hand, death for murder. The decree is quick and certain. Concession is available if the victim or the near of kin pardon the criminal and settles the matter with cash or material concession.
Islam does not say that you are suffering from a difficulty because of your actions and inactions of previous births. It simply says  – crime — punishment/pardon/settlement = peace=Islam
Hindu (Indian) jurisprudence gives "free trial" that can last for decades, dozens of appeals and get time lapsed due to the death of the criminal, accuser or even the lawyer. The victim or the kin get nothing legally. So almost all cased are settled illegally out of court. Or Hindu victim of a crime is paying for his crime of earlier birth. This means the sufferer does not know for what crime/sin, he is suffering and how to prevent further suffering


8.       Muslims get terrorist training from abroad and destroy property and kill innocents. Sure some do. Hindus learn ideology from communist countries. They become Naxalites. Naxalites kill the rich because they are "class enemies", kill the poor because they are "informers" and kill the police to loot arms.