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Talking about Satyam founder Raju seeks special status in jail – National News – News – MSN India – News

Satyam`s Raju confessed. In fact the only document before the court is his confessional statement. Why is he being denied special privileges. Lalu in fodder case, Mayawati in Taj corridor case and Jayalalitha in corruption cases  received SUPER SPECIAL TREATMENT from courts. Is our judiciary a weather cock judiciary ?


Ramalingaraju freely confessed his guilt. Any criminal case against him stands in court "only with documentary evidence". There are no "eye witnesses" to the offences. Till proved guilty in court, the law has to assume his innocence. He is an income tax assessee and is used to a high standard of life. If let out of custody Ramalingaraju can not influence the case in anyway. He is not likely to run away from the country even on bail unlike "Quottorochi".  Serial murderers , fodder scamsters ,fake currency note printers are given bail for the asking. Why not Ramalingaraju ? Who is taking revenge against him. HE SHOULD BE GRANTED BAIL.