Ramalingaraju freely confessed his guilt. Any criminal case against him stands in court "only with documentary evidence". There are no "eye witnesses" to the offences. Till proved guilty in court, the law has to assume his innocence. He is an income tax assessee and is used to a high standard of life. If let out of custody Ramalingaraju can not influence the case in anyway. He is not likely to run away from the country even on bail unlike "Quottorochi".  Serial murderers , fodder scamsters ,fake currency note printers are given bail for the asking. Why not Ramalingaraju ? Who is taking revenge against him. HE SHOULD BE GRANTED BAIL.

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  1. k on

    i remember the incident in my dad\’s office where an employee was punished for being caught with a metallic wire which is proved as government property. he lost his job and of course everything in life…and the cost of the wire is Rs 5/-

  2. JSWAMY on

    K.Swati – You were not born when Lal Bahadur Sastry the then railway minister in Jawaharlal Nehru`s cabinet resigned following two train accidents in one month. He went to Nehru in official car and handed over his resignation letter much against Nehru`s wish.While returning he did not use the official car or any security staff. He returned WALKING . Compare him with the present railway minister.

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