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Our country is in need of yearly elections. No jokes please – I am serious. Yearly elections till we get the best government. in future. Such elections purify our corrupt political system and increase society’s commitment to stay united. Elections will bring out the best and the worst in us. 
To begin with elections bring out black money into circulation. Unemployed and unemployable youth find temporary but well paying election jobs. Pamphlet distributors, slogan shouters, road show heros, paid shouters, advertisers, placard makers, hoarding painters, caste chiefs, freelance writers, freelance and professional photographers, canvassers, booth watchers, body guards, crowd pullers, film heros, heroines, models, voice modulators, ventriloquists, rikshaw pullers auto rikshaw drivers and owners, cab owners cab drivers lorry owners tractor owners hotels, water packet sellers, effigy makers, rumour mongers, local spies, house owners leding rooms for political party offices, currency distributors  – Oh the list is endless. Before and during elections most find high paying albeit temporary jobs. The government in power keeps prices under strict control before and during elections, boosts pay of employees, and recruits new people into goverment jobs. Many facts about politicians will be known as each party calls all others names. Caste religion and other attributes complete polarisation of people and partys.
All these will invariably result in hung legislatures. Then legislators will be on auction sale both wholesale and retail. Beneficiaries of free rice, free wheat, free cooking gas, free vegetables, free condiments and caste bosses realise that they had committed a big mistake and promise themselves to vote better in the next elections. Next elections immediately after that.
Such repeated elections will unite people TO VOTE FOR THE COUNTRY NOT FOR THE CASTE OR CASH.
And the next elections are called "interim elections" and the whole exercise begins.