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Engineering Colleges exceed primary schools in A.P

Immediately after I was born my mother decided that I should become a doctor. My father said ‘no’. Doctors don’t live happily. They have odd extra hours of working, have to wake up in the middle of the night, deal with blood, pus, urine and need a shower minimum twice a day.

Engineers only are happy.  So after much heated discussion while my mom was nursing me it was decided that I would be an engineer. As a toddler I was sent to “Bhagawan coaching center" for LKG entrance examination. I had joined LKG in "Joseph Mary Peter" English medium school run by Anglo Indians. We have only Anglo Indians and no Indo-Anglicans. The reason is none of anybody’s blooming business. The fee was a couple of lakhs in rupees but that was worth it. (To earn dollars, rupees must be spent). Back home after school on the first day my father became ‘Dad’ and my mother ‘Mom’. Everyone in and around the house were thrilled at my English.  Long term engineering coaching stated in UKG. My daily routine was rigorous, strict and burdensome. Wake up at 6 AM, bath by 6:30AM, breakfast by 6:40AM. Auto rickshaw at the gate is almost packed. I got into it and had just enough room for me and my nose to breathe. 7:00AM we were at the coaching center. Tutors were damn strict. Maths, English and Science tutors thrashed us by rotation. This ensures fear, discipline and hard work. By 9:00 AM we were at school. At school our English sir and Telugu madam joined our Ayah sister and clerk uncle in maintaining order. Classes up to noon, lunch break up to 1PM, classes again up to 4PM followed by games up to 4:30PM complete the school routine. Only hitch was games were played in class room as there was no play ground in our school. Again by 5PM we were at home.  5:30 to 7:30 was coaching center again. 8PM I was back at home. 8:15 PM to 9:30 PM was home work, dinner at 9:35 PM.

Time runs fastest. At last I got into an engineering college after my dad paid a hefty amount for a seat in "management quota" reserved for "other backward castes". Four years of "happy days" full of ragging, movies and a little bit of unilateral romance made me an engineer, ya, i.e. software at that. Selected for a job in "Universal Hi Tech Multiware IT Major" I had started work for 15hrs a day, 6 days a week  with a net  pay of Rs3000 per-month



Dear devotees of Lord Sri Ram,


You all must be having a very bad opinion of me. I am Kaikeyi the widow of His Imperial Majesty Dasarath the ruler of Kosala kingdom. None of you know Ram and Bharat the way I know them. Ramji is such a charming Son that any mother would be proud of Him. He is mercy and kindness personified. He is most suited to rule any kingdom. 

By the time His coronation was announced by my husband and Emperor Dashrath Kosala kingdom was very small.  The rest of Aryavarth was under rulers who were incompetent, cruel, immoral and womanizing misfits. Those rulers were oblivious of people the ruled. These people also were innocent but suffered because of rulers who always fought among themselves for wealth and women. Their wellbeing was impossible unless Lord Sri Ram intervened and Ram never was aggressive. If Sri Ram would have his crown then the entire Bharat would suffer leaderless and anarchy would have prevailed. Sending Ram to war was impossible as He never wanted His kingdom to be expanded. Moreover Ramji would not wage war until attacked. My lovely mature elite erudite daughter in law Sita had only one rule in life, i.e. follow Ram, come what may. My other son Bharat was so loyal to the kingdom and the king that he would not rule Kosala unless the throne was vacant. I knew very well that Bharat would not sit on the throne at any cost. I thought Bharat at best would keep Ram`s crown on the throne and rule on His behalf.  Even this was over estimation of my desire and under estimation of Bharat`s sense of loyalty, obedience and justice.

Getting the entire Bharat under righteous rulers required a life time for any king and long fourteen years for a warrior like my Sri Ramji

I decided to perform the ultimate sacrifice for the entire Bharat. Risking widowhood, universal abuse and fully aware of historians self-perpetuating scholarship I had volunteered to go to the last pages of Itihas (history) books . Pretending to be very selfish I demanded Dasarath to fulfill two owes promised by him long back.

1.       Ram must be exiled to forests for fourteen long years and

2.       Bharat must be coronated.


Dear Bharat inhabitants, let history condemn Kaikeyi but let Bharatavani have RAM RAJ forever.