Dear devotees of Lord Sri Ram,


You all must be having a very bad opinion of me. I am Kaikeyi the widow of His Imperial Majesty Dasarath the ruler of Kosala kingdom. None of you know Ram and Bharat the way I know them. Ramji is such a charming Son that any mother would be proud of Him. He is mercy and kindness personified. He is most suited to rule any kingdom. 

By the time His coronation was announced by my husband and Emperor Dashrath Kosala kingdom was very small.  The rest of Aryavarth was under rulers who were incompetent, cruel, immoral and womanizing misfits. Those rulers were oblivious of people the ruled. These people also were innocent but suffered because of rulers who always fought among themselves for wealth and women. Their wellbeing was impossible unless Lord Sri Ram intervened and Ram never was aggressive. If Sri Ram would have his crown then the entire Bharat would suffer leaderless and anarchy would have prevailed. Sending Ram to war was impossible as He never wanted His kingdom to be expanded. Moreover Ramji would not wage war until attacked. My lovely mature elite erudite daughter in law Sita had only one rule in life, i.e. follow Ram, come what may. My other son Bharat was so loyal to the kingdom and the king that he would not rule Kosala unless the throne was vacant. I knew very well that Bharat would not sit on the throne at any cost. I thought Bharat at best would keep Ram`s crown on the throne and rule on His behalf.  Even this was over estimation of my desire and under estimation of Bharat`s sense of loyalty, obedience and justice.

Getting the entire Bharat under righteous rulers required a life time for any king and long fourteen years for a warrior like my Sri Ramji

I decided to perform the ultimate sacrifice for the entire Bharat. Risking widowhood, universal abuse and fully aware of historians self-perpetuating scholarship I had volunteered to go to the last pages of Itihas (history) books . Pretending to be very selfish I demanded Dasarath to fulfill two owes promised by him long back.

1.       Ram must be exiled to forests for fourteen long years and

2.       Bharat must be coronated.


Dear Bharat inhabitants, let history condemn Kaikeyi but let Bharatavani have RAM RAJ forever.


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  1. Srinivas on

    Is this the message maharshi Valmiki wanted to convey?Proving that a woman can lead (and set direction) without being at the top?I have to say this.. more like Sonia Gandhi 😛

  2. k on

    uncle, according to adhyatma ramayana, gods feel that the purpose of Rama\’s incarnation was not being solved as Rama was enjoying the blissful life and Ravana, who wanted to be killed by rama was waiting for his arrival. Hence, with the help of goddess, they send mandhara to Rama\’s house and provoke kaikeyi..and the rest is history.

  3. dr.jaya on

    When Lord descends on the earth as His Divine Incarnation, He appears along with all His entourage from Divine Abode.
    His Beloved parents,servants, devotees and consorts accompany Him to assist in performing the Divine Pastimes.

    Let us not forget even the king of Lanka, Ravana himself was a great devotee of the Lord. He even reached the Divine Abode before His Lord Rama.

    Bhagavatam has told us that the personal door keepers of Lord Vishnu, Jaya and Vijaya, were cursed by the Sanat Kumara Sages to take birth three times as the demons in order to be killed by Lord Himself.
    They became Hiranyaksha and Hiranyaksipu whom Lord Vishnu personally vanquished in different incarnations.

    In Ramavatara, Jaya-Vijayas appeared as Ravana and Kumbhakarna who were killed by Lord again.

    In Krishnavatara, same devotees took birth as Sishupala and Dantavaktra whom Lord Krishna finally liberated from their material existence.

    Actually, the door keeper devotees of Lord Vishnu, Jaya and Vijaya, chose to become demons for THREE times instead of appearing as brahmana DEVOTEES for SEVEN times so that they could be reunited with their Lord in less time.

    They did not care to become unpopular in the world as the DEMONIAC ENEMIES of Lord Vishnu but voluntarily embraced the infamy out of their PURE DEVINE LOVE.

    Similarly Mother Kaikeyi didnot mind to welcome the tarnished, ruined image in the history and sacrificed her motherly love for Lord Rama in order to accomplish the intended Divine Exploits of Sri Ramacandra.

    Her selfless motherly love for Sri Rama was greater than the love for her son Bharatji and that is why she could make that SACRIFICE to assist the Lord perform His Lilas going to the forest.

    A pure devotee acts only according to Lord’s will.
    He or she has no desire of his or her OWN but to fulfill Lord’s Divine Exploits.

    Jaya Sri Radhe!

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