They Celebrate Disasters

Today there was a mild earth quake in the Andamans, no damage reported, so what?


1.     An Astrologer is in cloud 9, because his prediction came true. He said recently, that total solar eclipse brings Armageddon and he is faction-ally proved. From tomorrow many politicians, film personalities and NRIs will queue near his house with fortunes in their wallets.


2.     Senior officers of State and Central governments partied at costly night clubs. Their wives went shopping. Why? Simple, under-disaster relief-measures-fund with the government money got release. Contractors, brokers, et al discussed with ruling and opposition politicians about what should be done. Like

i.              Tsunami relief shelters need to be constructed.

ii.             (never used) previously constructed shelters must be repaired

iii.            Fishermen should be  compensated 

iv.            Deep-sea divers must be employed

v.             Drugs must be procured and stored

vi.            Cash advances must be paid to all etc.


3.     Contractors, politicians and officials received their mamools – No jokes, these are facts


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  1. k on

    so true uncle…these issues should be brought out! idiots…they know hot to make money even from the dead bodies!

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