Economists, bankers, stock brokers, online traders, credit card suppliers, real estate brokers and a horde of others use highly technical jargon to confuse simple souls like us – recession, economic meltdown, liquidity ratio, book profits, immovable assets, portfolio management and participatory notes. Ignore the technical jargon. Leave these terms to those who seek a PhD in economics.


Indian earners are daily wage earners, weekly earners, monthly earners, blue collar earners, white collar earners and those who need no collar to earn. I call them black collar earners. Every time an item is purchased / sold unofficially without written proof, the money is called black money, and goes to black collar earners doing business in black markets 


Large quantities of hard earned honestly acquired money is received by realtors, bullion merchants, wholesalers, politicians, film personalities, drug mafia, illegal arms dealers and the like. This money is not invested. It is stored in personal and bank lockers. 

Such money cannot buy anything legally. 

Honest citizens feel acute and critical shortage of liquid money when they need it most. Their own money spent for those who deceive them using scientific jargon cannot buy for them anything. It is not even state owned. If it is privately owned no one can touch it. 




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  1. JSWAMY on

    Black money is the "non performing liability" for the honest tax payer

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