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The rupture is complete. Congress party in Andhra Pradesh is virtually split into two, Congress Jagan and Congress Sonia. UPA chairwoman and congress high command put Andhra Pradesh to the ultimate test. The test question is "can congress exist in AP without the mercy of coterie surrounding Sonia and her son?" Yes said people of AP.
Unrelated to any political issue Y.S.Jagan, MP, son of late Dr.Y.S.Rajasekharareddy conducted a condolence and memorial meeting for YSR. The response was overwhelming. Uncountable number of people assembled at Nallakaluva near Pavuralagutta place of helicopter crash that killed YSR. Y.S.Jagan addressed the ocean of people and promised to continue his late father’s programmes. This meeting is different from several earlier meetings addressed by Soniaji.  Earlier Soniaji’s meetings also were well attended but then there were lorries and trucks to transport people, biriyani and water packet supplies to each and every person attended, free congress flags distributed, a scheme to be inaugurated and so full misuse of government machinery. Y.S.Jagan had no such facility. This proves that Jagan commands a lot of popularity unrelated to Congress party. People of Andhra are unanimous that Jagan should be the CM. Ignoring this only can mean that Congress (Jagan), already recognised in Andhra will be acknowledged all over India. 


Swine flu, Dengue, AIDS, TB and a number of other diseases are not bothering people of AP. By now Andhras’ tolerance is comparable to mother earth. They do not need any treatment for any disease. They live with a disease or die of it, but the new disease called “GOVERNMENT”.


This disease is caused by humans more virulent than viruses. These humans are called politicians. All of them have too much money they did not earn. They belong to three castes

1)    Reddy

2)    Kamma and 

3)    Kapu

 People of other castes do exist but in minimum numbers. Dalits do exist because they have to exist as per constitution of India. 

Women also exist. Also exist are six women cabinet ministers (doing nothing for women) and the all powerful Delhi WOMAN high command busy with elections outside Andhra to ensure good selling of her party, her Surname to credulous people whose ultimate aim in life  is to get rice for Rs 2-a- kg.

Late Dr. Y.S.Rajasekhara Reddy who did a whale of a job, died to prove the adage "those whom Gods love die young" Not so young Sriman Roshiah elected by no legislator became the CM. To be fair to Srimanji CM it must be said he honestly admitted before people he does not have any energy left in his fossil like body. He dispatches Homoeopathic medicines to all areas for all diseases. A Vaishya by caste, he literally weighs every word he utters and speaks the less to everybody’s delight. Apart from Finance he holds the portfolio of “lotteries” banned in AP. Almost all shops announce lotteries on purchases to lure easy money mongers. Prizes up to Kgs of gold included. None knows who checks these lotteries and how. Police maintain a marvelous silence.


Home-minister Mrs. P.Sabita Indrareddy widowed when her husband was killed by naxalites is a very very good person. But she is, as is clear now, is least suited as home minister. Women are saying it louder than men. A handpicked lady of late Dr.YSR she unintentionally though failed to secure the safety of her dear brother YSR. She visited the scene of helicopter crash at Pavuralagutta more to cry than to investigate the unfortunate accident. She walked a few miles of the inhospitable terrain of Nallamalai to reach Pavuralagutta. Back from that place to Hyderabad she found more reasons to cry and cry. On an average two women are raped murdered or both everyday in AP. In one high school 30 to 40 girls attempted suicide as they were sexually harassed by the male correspondent. Already the home minister is enquiring a nursing college run by a male MLA where also nursing students were sexually harassed by the MLA. More recently a brother-in-law axed his sister-in-law to a gory death in full public view. In one more love affair a youth attacked his darling love with a knife critically wounding her. Her parents who tried to intervene were stabbed to death, all in just five minutes.


MS.J.Geetha Reddy is the minister for cinematography, information and tourism. She is clueless about tourism and conducts press meet with half prepared incomplete information. About cinematography she is yet to understand that violence against women in AP is mostly caused by movies, TV serials and TV features and episodes eulogizing violence as MANLY.  “To be violent is to be masculine” as per movies and TV.


MS.Konda Surekha is the minister for Women and child welfare is busy proving all the 600 odd deaths in AP are out of sadness at YSR’s death and the figure is not engineered by Jagan (YSR’s son). Women’s welfare takes a second place.


About other ministers the less said the better. Andhra Pradesh is being now run by officials not answerable to anyone.


MAY LORD HELP US! OR MAY NOT! When ornaments from temples are stolen!