The rupture is complete. Congress party in Andhra Pradesh is virtually split into two, Congress Jagan and Congress Sonia. UPA chairwoman and congress high command put Andhra Pradesh to the ultimate test. The test question is "can congress exist in AP without the mercy of coterie surrounding Sonia and her son?" Yes said people of AP.
Unrelated to any political issue Y.S.Jagan, MP, son of late Dr.Y.S.Rajasekharareddy conducted a condolence and memorial meeting for YSR. The response was overwhelming. Uncountable number of people assembled at Nallakaluva near Pavuralagutta place of helicopter crash that killed YSR. Y.S.Jagan addressed the ocean of people and promised to continue his late father’s programmes. This meeting is different from several earlier meetings addressed by Soniaji.  Earlier Soniaji’s meetings also were well attended but then there were lorries and trucks to transport people, biriyani and water packet supplies to each and every person attended, free congress flags distributed, a scheme to be inaugurated and so full misuse of government machinery. Y.S.Jagan had no such facility. This proves that Jagan commands a lot of popularity unrelated to Congress party. People of Andhra are unanimous that Jagan should be the CM. Ignoring this only can mean that Congress (Jagan), already recognised in Andhra will be acknowledged all over India. 

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