Mother Kunti wanted to preserve the family’s respect. Unmarried Kunti was (blessed) (cursed) with a son born with natural defenses like armor and ear rings. This Karna was put into a golden box and floated into a river. Golden armor and golden box convey that the kid has royal background. Gold counts but not the child. Kunti had sons from Yama, Vayu and Indra. Madri had Nakul and Sahadev. Ganga had eight sons through Shantnu. Seven of them were drowned by the mother herself. The eighth one Devavrat the future Bhishm was saved by his father Shantnu. Dhevavrat remained a celibate to make sure that his step mother Matsya gandhi is sure of patrimony to her progeny. Love for money again.
In Kaliyug mothers started loving kids forever. During the last century many mothers had children even after having a few grand children through their eldest sons or daughters. Because the eldest sister is more than 20 years older than the youngest brother marrying niece was allowed to keep property from dividing.
Civilized moms came later. Till 30 or 35 they refuse motherhood in pursuit of well paying and ego boosting careers. Two children or still better one child is enough. This ensures mother`s total love to a single child and mother’s career as well. Some women are still more evolved. They become lesbians and adopt children later.
Poor mothers abort their own children. Or still worse they strangulate the new born. Rich mothers go for highly paid abortions to avoid their grown up children commenting on her carnal desires.
Moral – A rich mother having no career only loves children after she attains menopause


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  1. Dr. Nicolas Rao on

    Though I completely agree with shorter spans between mother and daughter or the poor ill-treated daughter in law, I totally disagree on the single child issue.
    Single children are usually not compatible with real life or being compatible. They lack the basic knowledge of sharing, which is the prime need of a, godly, egalitarian society.
    Single children are also prone to selfishness, tantrum throwing and a general incapacity to adjust. This has been proved, over and over, ad-infinitum.

    Even most fauna have at least two offspring. The comfort of loving siblings is very rarely understood by single children, who are really lonely and self centered – most of their lives.

    Very few who actually get to live in good boarding schools or colleges to get over this, but even in such institutions life is usually more difficult for them.

    You quote what may be Hindu mythology on one aspect, but forget that there are true/historically true scriptures available in Hinduism that you do know use.This is also a sign of unbalanced reality vs., spirituality, both are required for a soul with a body.

    Balance is the essence of life- not a one sided view. True I agree our constitution is not to date, I should know, my grandfather was also involved, but they did not envisage a time,when idiots run the country, without taking the advice of students of political history or those with sensible, benevolent economic principles.

    The fact the the world is perfect in human conception is the reason why the concept of a better happy life in heaven is far more realistic than change in an ever degrading planet.

    I would not want to live here much longer. This is pure devolution not evolution. Man is not like the perfect Adam or Eve, they have devolved to decadent, self rationalizing animals. Fist look inward and then know! Your soul knows the truth, though your brain may have a problem listening and acknowledging.

  2. gjnanaswarup on

    Thank you very much .

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