Education in India is spoiled irreparably

Indian students have become helpless. All governments are experimenting with students from LKG to Ph.D. Education is a concurrent subject. Central, state and local governments can start educational institutions. So we have Municipal schools, Panchayat schools, State government schools and Central schools. The standards in each of these schools are not uniform. Municipal mayors, Panchayat presidents, State ministers and other politicians are ILLITERATE. They never attended schools.


Education is privatized which means anyone who can hire a building can start a school or college. Parents prefer these because the teaching in private schools is in English medium. Being able to speak English words like mom, dad, etc. in itself is regarded as the best education.

Classes begin in the order 

1.       LKG entrance coaching

2.       LKG

3.       UKG

4.       1st to 10th standard (good standard is not needed/not possible)

5.       + 2 whatever it means

6.       EAMACET / IIT coaching

7.       A guaranteed seat in any Engineering college (students scoring  0% in entrance also are assured of a seat under

          General category

          Payment category

          Management quota

          Minority quota  and

          60 Special quota, so much for Engineering education

Medical education is stranger. Private medical colleges are ubiquitous. Sikkim, Manipal, Myamnar, Ukraine, Romania, China offer medical education for fee ranging from Rs.45lakhs to Rs90 lakhs.

Arts and Science degrees like B.A, B.Sc, M.A, M.Sc are available by mail.


Government itself runs schools and colleges but teachers in these abodes of Goddess SARASWATI are paid less than sweepers in municipalities. Students go there under the constitutionally guaranteed "RIGHT TO EDUCATION”




3 comments so far

  1. Sailaja on

    so true.. I studied my SSC in a govt high school. Thank God. the teachers paid some attention to us. But still, we had to go for tuitions. One of my cousin got XXXXXX rank in Eamcet. She is a future computer engineer. Now there are N number of Engineering colleges.Faculty in these colleges are freshly graduated students and students with a poor academic record. The Education system in India has to be changed.

  2. JSWAMY on

    Engineering colleges, liquor shops and dirty politics exist everywhere . Clean drinking water only is not found anywhere

  3. Sailaja on

    u r right ! There is no point in expecting..

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