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Law and disorder

Indian police since 1947 has been working like colonial police of Britain. Their job is to please the boss and suppress the voice that is loud. Victims shout, shouting is a nuisance, and nuisance must be suppressed. Maoists violate law because “legally” a “usurper” cannot be jailed or otherwise punished.

The reason is judiciary – it takes ages to decide a simple traffic offence. So punishing a Maoist through “due process of law” is impossible. So police give up due process of law and simply “encounter” them – whatever it means. Politicians wink at police.

The result is neither the criminal nor the police follow the “rule of law”. But police/politician is official while Maoist is unofficial. Politicians cannot come out of politics because the moment they come out, they lose the unofficial immunity and must suffer. Thus they move earth and heaven/hell to stay elected through fair/foul means. For police bringing a Maoist to law is a tedious process. Third degree methods and fabricating cases are easier. Since independence we are being ruled by a single party called Congress. Opposition parties are countless and are disunited just as splinter groups. If congress is rejected at polls 20 or more parties form a government and because each head of the party is a potential CM or PM, the coalition becomes dysfunctional and hands over government to congress again. So congress means stability. Stability means rule by the same people or their progeny, stability of corruption, stability of nepotism, stability of casteism, communalism, vote bank politics and the like. And then congress is rich, very rich to win friends and influence votes. Mobilizing an exodus to a politician’s meeting is easy for congress. At this game all opposition parties fail.

Dr. Binayak Sen belongs to a splinter group but is vociferous. Congress sees only an enemy in him and so must be suppressed at any cost, so he is jailed. Mahatma Gandhi used fast as a powerful non-violent method to drive his point to rulers. The British rulers had to accept Gandhiji’s methods and had to give in (The British compared Gandhiji to Christ and religiously obliged him). Gandhiji’s non-violence paid dividends. After independence we killed Gandhi. The blame goes to Godse and therefore to BJP, but the beneficiaries are congress men. Congress quotes Gandhiji, but fails to follow him. Independent India jailed Gandhians like Jayaprakash Narayan on an “emergency” basis.

In France Jean Paul Sartre headed the movement of workers and the poor. Bureaucracy there also advised Charles de Gaulle to jail Sartre. But de Gaulle countered “how can you arrest a ‘Voltaire’ in France?” Indira Gandhi and her progeny never ask such questions like “how can you arrest a ‘Gandhi’ in India?” And so fast is false and a farce.

I personally feel that we need a forward constitution not a backward one. With the present constitution the ultimate ambition of every Indian is to get rice/wheat /sugar/kerosene/petrol at highly subsidized rates, just that and nothing else. Freedom of expression is the last priority of the hungry.

I am an incurable optimist. Even for a brief period congress must be defeated. Opposition rules for six months and hands over power back to “stable” congress. But each such defeat educates voters further. After dozen defeats, Indian National Congress will become Indian NOTIONAL congress and makes it another splinter.

Thus we will head for a true democracy from the mobocracy of vote bank politics.