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Sage Parashar joined Sathyavathi (Mathsyagandhi) to give him a son VEDAVYAS
Sathyavati (Mathsyaganddhi/Yojanagandhi) later married Shantanu on one condition. His son Devavratha later to becalled Bhishma the legal heir to throne should be deprived of the throne. Shantanu was reluctant but he was so deeply in love with Mathsyagandhi that Devavrat volunteered to disown the throne. To avoid later complications Devavrat preferred to stay celibate lifelong. Devavrat thus became BHISHM.
Shantan had two sons through Mathsyagandhi, Chitrangad ( the man with a  peculiar phallus/impotent) and Vichitraveerya(the man whose semen was ineffective). Having these congenital and vital abnormalities they died young leaving their three wives Amba, Ambika and Ambalika widowed.

Vedavyas on orders from his mother joined Ambika, Ambalika and the maid to provided heirs Dhrutharashr and Panduraj. Born to the maid Vidur could not claim inheritance to throne but he was wise.

Dhrithrashtr married Gandhari and had 100 sons and one daughter. Paanduraj married Kunti. Kunti gave birth to Karn before marriage. After marriage she gave birth to Yudhishtir (Dharmaraj) through Yamdharmraj, Bhim through Vayu and Arjun through Indra. The other consort of Pandu gave birth to Nakul and Sahadev.

Arjun solved the MATHSYA YANTHR but all the five Pandavs married Droupadi. In a game of dice, Yudhishtir conceded defeat of Droupadi to Duryodhan in full view of Royal court. Droupadi was physically insulted by Dusshasan in full royal court. And again in open court Droupadi promised not to tie her hair into a knot except after blood coming from Dussashan’s thigh is applied to her hair.

My points are Mathsyagandhi, Ambika, Ambalika Gandhari, Kunti and Draupadi are the key decision makers leaving no chance to males. Only Bhism was the heir to throne but gave up to please Sathyavathi’s wish. Between Kauravs and Pandavas only Kauravs are more eligible for kingdom as Pandu had no children of his own. But to give kingdom to Pandavs a DHRAMA YUDH was needed . After this Darma Yudh, Draupadi dressed her hair.

Arjun did not want to fight the war but Lord Krishna motivated him. After the war none ruled the kingdom. Thus it appears to me that the entire war was to dress Draupad’s hair.


Mahabharat says

1) WOMEN dictate and MEN act accordingly and

2) Inheritance is decided by women keeping men just for name sake