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While young we used to talk about marriage as an institution. The literate modern educated well employed lavishly spending widely traveling fast(est) food addict empowered females are deeply disturbed by the superfluous restrictions of marriage. To avoid giving in to "male supremacy" they bluntly refuse to change their surnames or gotras. Next best they use two surnames like Indira Nehru Gandhi, Sonia Maino Gandhi, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Madhuri Dixit Nene etc. Mother-in-law is a Xantippe for brides. So they prefer to stay away from the joint family and gave a new name to family. It is called the "nuclear family". Cooking, cleaning, dish washing, laundry and shopping are done by males more often and this is called "sharing" domestic work. Children no, only one child and that too not now. Child care and babysitting are done by mother-in-law briefly on demand. Christening the new born is novel .Names must be fashionable mono syllables like Ash, Vas or Yash .

Two fiercely independent couple soon get into ego (for nothing) clash. This clash about a non-issue IS THE FOUNDATION FOR THE NOVEL INSTITUTION OF DIVORCE. Clash staying for more than 24hrs takes them to counselors, therapists and doctors. If nothing works there are Pundits, Pastors, Mullas, Lawyers, Judges and why not Police? The press and TV are hungry. They thrive on divorce as their principal meal.  is a good web site.
Any divorce hereafter must be announced, celebrated and partied.  Kids must be taken care of by responsible society