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The rupture is complete. Congress party in Andhra Pradesh is virtually split into two, Congress Jagan and Congress Sonia. UPA chairwoman and congress high command put Andhra Pradesh to the ultimate test. The test question is "can congress exist in AP without the mercy of coterie surrounding Sonia and her son?" Yes said people of AP.
Unrelated to any political issue Y.S.Jagan, MP, son of late Dr.Y.S.Rajasekharareddy conducted a condolence and memorial meeting for YSR. The response was overwhelming. Uncountable number of people assembled at Nallakaluva near Pavuralagutta place of helicopter crash that killed YSR. Y.S.Jagan addressed the ocean of people and promised to continue his late father’s programmes. This meeting is different from several earlier meetings addressed by Soniaji.  Earlier Soniaji’s meetings also were well attended but then there were lorries and trucks to transport people, biriyani and water packet supplies to each and every person attended, free congress flags distributed, a scheme to be inaugurated and so full misuse of government machinery. Y.S.Jagan had no such facility. This proves that Jagan commands a lot of popularity unrelated to Congress party. People of Andhra are unanimous that Jagan should be the CM. Ignoring this only can mean that Congress (Jagan), already recognised in Andhra will be acknowledged all over India. 


Swine flu, Dengue, AIDS, TB and a number of other diseases are not bothering people of AP. By now Andhras’ tolerance is comparable to mother earth. They do not need any treatment for any disease. They live with a disease or die of it, but the new disease called “GOVERNMENT”.


This disease is caused by humans more virulent than viruses. These humans are called politicians. All of them have too much money they did not earn. They belong to three castes

1)    Reddy

2)    Kamma and 

3)    Kapu

 People of other castes do exist but in minimum numbers. Dalits do exist because they have to exist as per constitution of India. 

Women also exist. Also exist are six women cabinet ministers (doing nothing for women) and the all powerful Delhi WOMAN high command busy with elections outside Andhra to ensure good selling of her party, her Surname to credulous people whose ultimate aim in life  is to get rice for Rs 2-a- kg.

Late Dr. Y.S.Rajasekhara Reddy who did a whale of a job, died to prove the adage "those whom Gods love die young" Not so young Sriman Roshiah elected by no legislator became the CM. To be fair to Srimanji CM it must be said he honestly admitted before people he does not have any energy left in his fossil like body. He dispatches Homoeopathic medicines to all areas for all diseases. A Vaishya by caste, he literally weighs every word he utters and speaks the less to everybody’s delight. Apart from Finance he holds the portfolio of “lotteries” banned in AP. Almost all shops announce lotteries on purchases to lure easy money mongers. Prizes up to Kgs of gold included. None knows who checks these lotteries and how. Police maintain a marvelous silence.


Home-minister Mrs. P.Sabita Indrareddy widowed when her husband was killed by naxalites is a very very good person. But she is, as is clear now, is least suited as home minister. Women are saying it louder than men. A handpicked lady of late Dr.YSR she unintentionally though failed to secure the safety of her dear brother YSR. She visited the scene of helicopter crash at Pavuralagutta more to cry than to investigate the unfortunate accident. She walked a few miles of the inhospitable terrain of Nallamalai to reach Pavuralagutta. Back from that place to Hyderabad she found more reasons to cry and cry. On an average two women are raped murdered or both everyday in AP. In one high school 30 to 40 girls attempted suicide as they were sexually harassed by the male correspondent. Already the home minister is enquiring a nursing college run by a male MLA where also nursing students were sexually harassed by the MLA. More recently a brother-in-law axed his sister-in-law to a gory death in full public view. In one more love affair a youth attacked his darling love with a knife critically wounding her. Her parents who tried to intervene were stabbed to death, all in just five minutes.


MS.J.Geetha Reddy is the minister for cinematography, information and tourism. She is clueless about tourism and conducts press meet with half prepared incomplete information. About cinematography she is yet to understand that violence against women in AP is mostly caused by movies, TV serials and TV features and episodes eulogizing violence as MANLY.  “To be violent is to be masculine” as per movies and TV.


MS.Konda Surekha is the minister for Women and child welfare is busy proving all the 600 odd deaths in AP are out of sadness at YSR’s death and the figure is not engineered by Jagan (YSR’s son). Women’s welfare takes a second place.


About other ministers the less said the better. Andhra Pradesh is being now run by officials not answerable to anyone.


MAY LORD HELP US! OR MAY NOT! When ornaments from temples are stolen!



Collective insubordination to lawful military authority is the definition of "mutiny" in Army. And the offenders can face death sentence. Outside military "Collective insubordination to lawful civilian authority" must be made a serious offence. Those who indulge in rasta roko, bandh, land encroachment, and attacking police stations etc., must be punished with at least 7yrs RI. This offence must be made cognizable and non-bailable.


Gandhiji used civil disobedience to overthrow the British colonialism. Gandhji was tried as per the law and was repeatedly imprisoned. Jawaharlal Nehru and others also were jailed for violating the law.


In free India attempting to overthrow a lawfully elected government is treason and treachery. "Road shows" are vulgar. A stringent legislation is needed. Our present politicians and Naxalites violate the law and get away with it. Their CIVIL MUTINY is to get TV and print media coverage. Police who beat a pick-pocket black and blue and parade him before the press are afraid of enforcing the law if the offenders are politicians or Naxals. Even if a politician is arrested (rarely though under public pressure) he gets bail for the asking. Bail to the rich and jail to the poor is called "equality before law" guaranteed by the constitution.




1.       Military law is only when there is military rule. How can there be military law in a free society

Because we do not want military law, a separate civil law is to be made with very strict and fool proof safeguards against misuse


2.       How do aggrieved civilians bring their problems to public view?

Silent placard demonstration, collective letter writing, public speech at an auditorium, road side hoarding, meeting officials meeting politicians and advertisements in radio, TV and press are some of the effective ways.


3.       What if the rulers refuse to hear?

Judiciary can mandate a recalcitrant administration


4.       Are not judicial decisions delayed?



5.       Then what?

Judiciary needs urgent reforms. To begin with India`s population more than doubled while the strength of Supreme court and High court judges remained constant. Judges like white British bosses’ holiday during summer. Justice cannot go on a holiday in summer or winter. This must change. Civil cases can be settled by arbitration between parties. Accused and the victims in criminal cases also can settle matters outside the court. This is being done already unofficially but it can be legalized.


6.       What else needs to be changed?

Government employees enjoy legal immunity from prosecution when public are wronged by public servants. This immunity must be removed forthwith. Public pay taxes and service by a government office is mandatory. Public should be enabled to drag erring officials to criminal courts. It should be the duty of the public servant to show that he/she acted in good faith.


7.       The emphasis is on error and punishment. What about good work and rewards?

Yes, good and efficient work must be rewarded

8.       But how?

To begin with politicians are judged every five years and accepted or rejected for prestigious posts. Judiciary has self-checking as a higher court can change a lower court`s decision and that change is mandatory. That leaves the executive for change.

Executive changes if

a)       politicians are prevented from interfering in routine administrative matters 

b)      If lateral entry system for every post is introduced (which incidentally helps young blood to get into hierarchy at every stage) 

c)       If performance is objectively assessed and 

d)      If supervised by an independent authority other than the seniors in the same department.

Ex: A police superintendent needs supervision of a judge not IG police. Best performers should be rewarded with quicker promotions, extra payments for merit etc.


9.       Should there not be a declared Agenda to improve the lot of people?



10.    Like what?

An essay can`t be typed but the HEADLINES are somewhat like

a.       HEALTH and EDUCATION must be made FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS enforceable by courts if necessary 


b.       All welfare measures must be used as a means to progress and not an end in themselves. So the time frame for welfare measures must be fixed.


c.        PROPORTIONAL REPRESENTATION IS SCIENTIFICALLY WRONG. For example reservations in institutions should not be based on census but on social and economic disadvantage. If SCAVENGERS are the MOST DISADVANTAGED, THEY SHOULD GET MAXIMUM BERTHS not 1% proportional to their population as in census. A formula must be constructed that way. Removal of proportional census based quotas and linking quotas to DISADVANTAGE INDEX is A GOOD INCENTIVE FOR SMALL FAMILIES IN ALL CASTES AND RELIGIONS 


d.       Political, administrative and judicial powers must be decentralized up to village levels.  Like a village administrator an elected chief can impose a fine of Rs.10 or imprisonment for one day or so.


e.       Civil cases must also be settled officially outside the courts by elected magistrates at all levels in specified cases like marital disharmony, inheritance of property, adoption, or similar issues.


f.         Political parties should not have a single interest like caste, religion or region. They should be recognized only if they have a national agenda and holistic policy


g.       Prime Minister of the country or Chief Minister of a state must be without any portfolio. And


h.       Holistic approach to administration must be followed instead of treating each social and political issue as individual entities.


i.         Ruralization of cities is a novel but needed concept. Hitherto we urbanized villages beyond any excuse just for artificially inflating urban land values. Ruralizing towns begins with “a tree in every house” and ends at total legal discontinuance of non-recyclable items.


j.         Development must be planned centripetally. The present system builds everything in the capital of the country, state and district and facilities come last to an area away from center .This causes exodus of people from villages to towns and to the capital. Capital becomes an unmanageable location with vice crime and values deteriorating the system. Centripetal development reverses or limits this process. Internet will be available all over the state and not just in the capital.


k.       Cost of all items specially the essential items must be scientifically and socially fixed. Such price fixing is the collective responsibility and duty of

i.         Producer

ii.        Transporter

iii.      wholesale trader

iv.      retailer and

i.         The consumer under public supervision.


l.       Speculative trading of essential items that inflates rates artificially must be prohibited.



Our country is in need of yearly elections. No jokes please – I am serious. Yearly elections till we get the best government. in future. Such elections purify our corrupt political system and increase society’s commitment to stay united. Elections will bring out the best and the worst in us. 
To begin with elections bring out black money into circulation. Unemployed and unemployable youth find temporary but well paying election jobs. Pamphlet distributors, slogan shouters, road show heros, paid shouters, advertisers, placard makers, hoarding painters, caste chiefs, freelance writers, freelance and professional photographers, canvassers, booth watchers, body guards, crowd pullers, film heros, heroines, models, voice modulators, ventriloquists, rikshaw pullers auto rikshaw drivers and owners, cab owners cab drivers lorry owners tractor owners hotels, water packet sellers, effigy makers, rumour mongers, local spies, house owners leding rooms for political party offices, currency distributors  – Oh the list is endless. Before and during elections most find high paying albeit temporary jobs. The government in power keeps prices under strict control before and during elections, boosts pay of employees, and recruits new people into goverment jobs. Many facts about politicians will be known as each party calls all others names. Caste religion and other attributes complete polarisation of people and partys.
All these will invariably result in hung legislatures. Then legislators will be on auction sale both wholesale and retail. Beneficiaries of free rice, free wheat, free cooking gas, free vegetables, free condiments and caste bosses realise that they had committed a big mistake and promise themselves to vote better in the next elections. Next elections immediately after that.
Such repeated elections will unite people TO VOTE FOR THE COUNTRY NOT FOR THE CASTE OR CASH.
And the next elections are called "interim elections" and the whole exercise begins.

Talking about Satyam founder Raju seeks special status in jail – National News – News – MSN India – News

Satyam`s Raju confessed. In fact the only document before the court is his confessional statement. Why is he being denied special privileges. Lalu in fodder case, Mayawati in Taj corridor case and Jayalalitha in corruption cases  received SUPER SPECIAL TREATMENT from courts. Is our judiciary a weather cock judiciary ?


Ramalingaraju freely confessed his guilt. Any criminal case against him stands in court "only with documentary evidence". There are no "eye witnesses" to the offences. Till proved guilty in court, the law has to assume his innocence. He is an income tax assessee and is used to a high standard of life. If let out of custody Ramalingaraju can not influence the case in anyway. He is not likely to run away from the country even on bail unlike "Quottorochi".  Serial murderers , fodder scamsters ,fake currency note printers are given bail for the asking. Why not Ramalingaraju ? Who is taking revenge against him. HE SHOULD BE GRANTED BAIL.

Talking about UP cancels land for rail coach factory – National News – News – MSN India – News


1. All Indians are beggars. They must be given food,clothing shelter,electricity,education,medicare , etc absolutely FREE.
2. All things areFREE for all ,  but before elections they are MORE FREE.
3. Municipalities have a duty to remove every mosquito from the area. But no tenant reports that he is paying rent and no land lord lets out his building.
4. A temple can feed 1000k people free daily but a social welfare hostel  has no money to buy rations for students.
5. A town planning officer is one who regularises all encroachments .
6. A block development officer is an officer who blocks the development.
7. A drug inspector is one who permits sale of spurious drugs by illiterate medical shop owners.
8. Want to report against a malpracising trader? Who knows the address of weights & measures officer? Or the commercial tax officer?
10. An army man’s son/daughter is a NON-LOCAL all over the country.
11. Political posts are INHERITED after the HEIRS get FREELY ELECTED  


Communists in India are divided into splinter groups each worshipping Kal Max,Mao Tse Tung, Fidel Castro, Lenin, Stalin, Charu Mujamdar and some other Gods. And then God does not exist. They contest elections making full use of privileges of Indian constitution which guarantees unettered freedom of expression. Once elected they find Indian constitution burgeoise and condemn it. Now the stage is set to begin unconstitutional and consequently illegal activities. Now power flows through the barrel of the gun and ignore law and constitution. Rule of law? What is that?

1. They travel to Nepal to help a group that destroyed monarchy and converted countryside to a war zone. Even children fight that revolutionary war there and child casualties are treated by herbal medicines. And this is not called exploiting poverty. Women also fight pitched battles. These special warriors get their weapons by looting police stations, from army deserters, and by pure theft. Gorkha regiment is famous for fighting well. Indian army runs Gorkha regiments consisting of Nepali citizens. After retiring from Indian army they settle in Nepali villages. Some such veterans are indoctrinated to believe that they wasted their youth in Indian army. And now they are ready to train children and women guerillas of Nepal.

2. Communists do not participate in the government in India. Even Prime-minister ship was refused by Jyothi Basu and the politibureau later said it was a historic mistake. This third historic mistake followed  two earlier unforgivable anti Indian mistakes like opposing "Quit India movement" of Mahatma Gandhi and supporting the "Democratic Emergency" of Indira Gandhi. They don’t participate in government and don’t allow the freely elected government to run smoothly all the while extending "outside support". Thus they are friends of a government that need not look for enemies.

3. Communists support and take support from any burgeoise party purely on a temporary basis just to stay in lime light.

4. Communists form governments in states though not at centre. Some of these states are politically and strategically sensitive like Mizoram and West Bengal.
Extremists from Bangladesh and China have free access to India via these "kind" State governments which lack national defence responsibilities.

5. With incessant and nauseating regularity, communists occupy government lands, private lands and endowment lands to distribute to landless poor. Only communist cadres are poor. This land is only for illegal’s who post a bamboo staves on the lands. Those who cannot fix communist flags anywhere are not poor. So no land for poor innocents.

6. Almost every day they block road traffic, train traffic and in states ruled by them even air traffic having scant respect to law. This phenomenon called Dharna or Rastaroko has become part of life in India. If someone is inconvenienced by this well who cares?