They Celebrate Disasters

Today there was a mild earth quake in the Andamans, no damage reported, so what?


1.     An Astrologer is in cloud 9, because his prediction came true. He said recently, that total solar eclipse brings Armageddon and he is faction-ally proved. From tomorrow many politicians, film personalities and NRIs will queue near his house with fortunes in their wallets.


2.     Senior officers of State and Central governments partied at costly night clubs. Their wives went shopping. Why? Simple, under-disaster relief-measures-fund with the government money got release. Contractors, brokers, et al discussed with ruling and opposition politicians about what should be done. Like

i.              Tsunami relief shelters need to be constructed.

ii.             (never used) previously constructed shelters must be repaired

iii.            Fishermen should be  compensated 

iv.            Deep-sea divers must be employed

v.             Drugs must be procured and stored

vi.            Cash advances must be paid to all etc.


3.     Contractors, politicians and officials received their mamools – No jokes, these are facts



While young we used to talk about marriage as an institution. The literate modern educated well employed lavishly spending widely traveling fast(est) food addict empowered females are deeply disturbed by the superfluous restrictions of marriage. To avoid giving in to "male supremacy" they bluntly refuse to change their surnames or gotras. Next best they use two surnames like Indira Nehru Gandhi, Sonia Maino Gandhi, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Madhuri Dixit Nene etc. Mother-in-law is a Xantippe for brides. So they prefer to stay away from the joint family and gave a new name to family. It is called the "nuclear family". Cooking, cleaning, dish washing, laundry and shopping are done by males more often and this is called "sharing" domestic work. Children no, only one child and that too not now. Child care and babysitting are done by mother-in-law briefly on demand. Christening the new born is novel .Names must be fashionable mono syllables like Ash, Vas or Yash .

Two fiercely independent couple soon get into ego (for nothing) clash. This clash about a non-issue IS THE FOUNDATION FOR THE NOVEL INSTITUTION OF DIVORCE. Clash staying for more than 24hrs takes them to counselors, therapists and doctors. If nothing works there are Pundits, Pastors, Mullas, Lawyers, Judges and why not Police? The press and TV are hungry. They thrive on divorce as their principal meal.  is a good web site.
Any divorce hereafter must be announced, celebrated and partied.  Kids must be taken care of by responsible society

Engineering Colleges exceed primary schools in A.P

Immediately after I was born my mother decided that I should become a doctor. My father said ‘no’. Doctors don’t live happily. They have odd extra hours of working, have to wake up in the middle of the night, deal with blood, pus, urine and need a shower minimum twice a day.

Engineers only are happy.  So after much heated discussion while my mom was nursing me it was decided that I would be an engineer. As a toddler I was sent to “Bhagawan coaching center" for LKG entrance examination. I had joined LKG in "Joseph Mary Peter" English medium school run by Anglo Indians. We have only Anglo Indians and no Indo-Anglicans. The reason is none of anybody’s blooming business. The fee was a couple of lakhs in rupees but that was worth it. (To earn dollars, rupees must be spent). Back home after school on the first day my father became ‘Dad’ and my mother ‘Mom’. Everyone in and around the house were thrilled at my English.  Long term engineering coaching stated in UKG. My daily routine was rigorous, strict and burdensome. Wake up at 6 AM, bath by 6:30AM, breakfast by 6:40AM. Auto rickshaw at the gate is almost packed. I got into it and had just enough room for me and my nose to breathe. 7:00AM we were at the coaching center. Tutors were damn strict. Maths, English and Science tutors thrashed us by rotation. This ensures fear, discipline and hard work. By 9:00 AM we were at school. At school our English sir and Telugu madam joined our Ayah sister and clerk uncle in maintaining order. Classes up to noon, lunch break up to 1PM, classes again up to 4PM followed by games up to 4:30PM complete the school routine. Only hitch was games were played in class room as there was no play ground in our school. Again by 5PM we were at home.  5:30 to 7:30 was coaching center again. 8PM I was back at home. 8:15 PM to 9:30 PM was home work, dinner at 9:35 PM.

Time runs fastest. At last I got into an engineering college after my dad paid a hefty amount for a seat in "management quota" reserved for "other backward castes". Four years of "happy days" full of ragging, movies and a little bit of unilateral romance made me an engineer, ya, i.e. software at that. Selected for a job in "Universal Hi Tech Multiware IT Major" I had started work for 15hrs a day, 6 days a week  with a net  pay of Rs3000 per-month


Dear devotees of Lord Sri Ram,


You all must be having a very bad opinion of me. I am Kaikeyi the widow of His Imperial Majesty Dasarath the ruler of Kosala kingdom. None of you know Ram and Bharat the way I know them. Ramji is such a charming Son that any mother would be proud of Him. He is mercy and kindness personified. He is most suited to rule any kingdom. 

By the time His coronation was announced by my husband and Emperor Dashrath Kosala kingdom was very small.  The rest of Aryavarth was under rulers who were incompetent, cruel, immoral and womanizing misfits. Those rulers were oblivious of people the ruled. These people also were innocent but suffered because of rulers who always fought among themselves for wealth and women. Their wellbeing was impossible unless Lord Sri Ram intervened and Ram never was aggressive. If Sri Ram would have his crown then the entire Bharat would suffer leaderless and anarchy would have prevailed. Sending Ram to war was impossible as He never wanted His kingdom to be expanded. Moreover Ramji would not wage war until attacked. My lovely mature elite erudite daughter in law Sita had only one rule in life, i.e. follow Ram, come what may. My other son Bharat was so loyal to the kingdom and the king that he would not rule Kosala unless the throne was vacant. I knew very well that Bharat would not sit on the throne at any cost. I thought Bharat at best would keep Ram`s crown on the throne and rule on His behalf.  Even this was over estimation of my desire and under estimation of Bharat`s sense of loyalty, obedience and justice.

Getting the entire Bharat under righteous rulers required a life time for any king and long fourteen years for a warrior like my Sri Ramji

I decided to perform the ultimate sacrifice for the entire Bharat. Risking widowhood, universal abuse and fully aware of historians self-perpetuating scholarship I had volunteered to go to the last pages of Itihas (history) books . Pretending to be very selfish I demanded Dasarath to fulfill two owes promised by him long back.

1.       Ram must be exiled to forests for fourteen long years and

2.       Bharat must be coronated.


Dear Bharat inhabitants, let history condemn Kaikeyi but let Bharatavani have RAM RAJ forever.


Collective insubordination to lawful military authority is the definition of "mutiny" in Army. And the offenders can face death sentence. Outside military "Collective insubordination to lawful civilian authority" must be made a serious offence. Those who indulge in rasta roko, bandh, land encroachment, and attacking police stations etc., must be punished with at least 7yrs RI. This offence must be made cognizable and non-bailable.


Gandhiji used civil disobedience to overthrow the British colonialism. Gandhji was tried as per the law and was repeatedly imprisoned. Jawaharlal Nehru and others also were jailed for violating the law.


In free India attempting to overthrow a lawfully elected government is treason and treachery. "Road shows" are vulgar. A stringent legislation is needed. Our present politicians and Naxalites violate the law and get away with it. Their CIVIL MUTINY is to get TV and print media coverage. Police who beat a pick-pocket black and blue and parade him before the press are afraid of enforcing the law if the offenders are politicians or Naxals. Even if a politician is arrested (rarely though under public pressure) he gets bail for the asking. Bail to the rich and jail to the poor is called "equality before law" guaranteed by the constitution.




1.       Military law is only when there is military rule. How can there be military law in a free society

Because we do not want military law, a separate civil law is to be made with very strict and fool proof safeguards against misuse


2.       How do aggrieved civilians bring their problems to public view?

Silent placard demonstration, collective letter writing, public speech at an auditorium, road side hoarding, meeting officials meeting politicians and advertisements in radio, TV and press are some of the effective ways.


3.       What if the rulers refuse to hear?

Judiciary can mandate a recalcitrant administration


4.       Are not judicial decisions delayed?



5.       Then what?

Judiciary needs urgent reforms. To begin with India`s population more than doubled while the strength of Supreme court and High court judges remained constant. Judges like white British bosses’ holiday during summer. Justice cannot go on a holiday in summer or winter. This must change. Civil cases can be settled by arbitration between parties. Accused and the victims in criminal cases also can settle matters outside the court. This is being done already unofficially but it can be legalized.


6.       What else needs to be changed?

Government employees enjoy legal immunity from prosecution when public are wronged by public servants. This immunity must be removed forthwith. Public pay taxes and service by a government office is mandatory. Public should be enabled to drag erring officials to criminal courts. It should be the duty of the public servant to show that he/she acted in good faith.


7.       The emphasis is on error and punishment. What about good work and rewards?

Yes, good and efficient work must be rewarded

8.       But how?

To begin with politicians are judged every five years and accepted or rejected for prestigious posts. Judiciary has self-checking as a higher court can change a lower court`s decision and that change is mandatory. That leaves the executive for change.

Executive changes if

a)       politicians are prevented from interfering in routine administrative matters 

b)      If lateral entry system for every post is introduced (which incidentally helps young blood to get into hierarchy at every stage) 

c)       If performance is objectively assessed and 

d)      If supervised by an independent authority other than the seniors in the same department.

Ex: A police superintendent needs supervision of a judge not IG police. Best performers should be rewarded with quicker promotions, extra payments for merit etc.


9.       Should there not be a declared Agenda to improve the lot of people?



10.    Like what?

An essay can`t be typed but the HEADLINES are somewhat like

a.       HEALTH and EDUCATION must be made FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS enforceable by courts if necessary 


b.       All welfare measures must be used as a means to progress and not an end in themselves. So the time frame for welfare measures must be fixed.


c.        PROPORTIONAL REPRESENTATION IS SCIENTIFICALLY WRONG. For example reservations in institutions should not be based on census but on social and economic disadvantage. If SCAVENGERS are the MOST DISADVANTAGED, THEY SHOULD GET MAXIMUM BERTHS not 1% proportional to their population as in census. A formula must be constructed that way. Removal of proportional census based quotas and linking quotas to DISADVANTAGE INDEX is A GOOD INCENTIVE FOR SMALL FAMILIES IN ALL CASTES AND RELIGIONS 


d.       Political, administrative and judicial powers must be decentralized up to village levels.  Like a village administrator an elected chief can impose a fine of Rs.10 or imprisonment for one day or so.


e.       Civil cases must also be settled officially outside the courts by elected magistrates at all levels in specified cases like marital disharmony, inheritance of property, adoption, or similar issues.


f.         Political parties should not have a single interest like caste, religion or region. They should be recognized only if they have a national agenda and holistic policy


g.       Prime Minister of the country or Chief Minister of a state must be without any portfolio. And


h.       Holistic approach to administration must be followed instead of treating each social and political issue as individual entities.


i.         Ruralization of cities is a novel but needed concept. Hitherto we urbanized villages beyond any excuse just for artificially inflating urban land values. Ruralizing towns begins with “a tree in every house” and ends at total legal discontinuance of non-recyclable items.


j.         Development must be planned centripetally. The present system builds everything in the capital of the country, state and district and facilities come last to an area away from center .This causes exodus of people from villages to towns and to the capital. Capital becomes an unmanageable location with vice crime and values deteriorating the system. Centripetal development reverses or limits this process. Internet will be available all over the state and not just in the capital.


k.       Cost of all items specially the essential items must be scientifically and socially fixed. Such price fixing is the collective responsibility and duty of

i.         Producer

ii.        Transporter

iii.      wholesale trader

iv.      retailer and

i.         The consumer under public supervision.


l.       Speculative trading of essential items that inflates rates artificially must be prohibited.



Our country is in need of yearly elections. No jokes please – I am serious. Yearly elections till we get the best government. in future. Such elections purify our corrupt political system and increase society’s commitment to stay united. Elections will bring out the best and the worst in us. 
To begin with elections bring out black money into circulation. Unemployed and unemployable youth find temporary but well paying election jobs. Pamphlet distributors, slogan shouters, road show heros, paid shouters, advertisers, placard makers, hoarding painters, caste chiefs, freelance writers, freelance and professional photographers, canvassers, booth watchers, body guards, crowd pullers, film heros, heroines, models, voice modulators, ventriloquists, rikshaw pullers auto rikshaw drivers and owners, cab owners cab drivers lorry owners tractor owners hotels, water packet sellers, effigy makers, rumour mongers, local spies, house owners leding rooms for political party offices, currency distributors  – Oh the list is endless. Before and during elections most find high paying albeit temporary jobs. The government in power keeps prices under strict control before and during elections, boosts pay of employees, and recruits new people into goverment jobs. Many facts about politicians will be known as each party calls all others names. Caste religion and other attributes complete polarisation of people and partys.
All these will invariably result in hung legislatures. Then legislators will be on auction sale both wholesale and retail. Beneficiaries of free rice, free wheat, free cooking gas, free vegetables, free condiments and caste bosses realise that they had committed a big mistake and promise themselves to vote better in the next elections. Next elections immediately after that.
Such repeated elections will unite people TO VOTE FOR THE COUNTRY NOT FOR THE CASTE OR CASH.
And the next elections are called "interim elections" and the whole exercise begins.

Talking about Satyam founder Raju seeks special status in jail – National News – News – MSN India – News

Satyam`s Raju confessed. In fact the only document before the court is his confessional statement. Why is he being denied special privileges. Lalu in fodder case, Mayawati in Taj corridor case and Jayalalitha in corruption cases  received SUPER SPECIAL TREATMENT from courts. Is our judiciary a weather cock judiciary ?


Ramalingaraju freely confessed his guilt. Any criminal case against him stands in court "only with documentary evidence". There are no "eye witnesses" to the offences. Till proved guilty in court, the law has to assume his innocence. He is an income tax assessee and is used to a high standard of life. If let out of custody Ramalingaraju can not influence the case in anyway. He is not likely to run away from the country even on bail unlike "Quottorochi".  Serial murderers , fodder scamsters ,fake currency note printers are given bail for the asking. Why not Ramalingaraju ? Who is taking revenge against him. HE SHOULD BE GRANTED BAIL.


God and time have no beginning, no end. God is not seen but His existence is experienced. Time also is not seen heard but its existence is universally acknowledged. God is interpreted differently by different people. Time also changes in different zones. God heals. Time heals. God helps to lessen sorrow. Time also does the same. God decides our birth growth life and death. Time does the same. God showers blessings to keep one happy. Good Time that is. God displeases one according to karmic effects. Bad Time! Planets move as per God`s (Time`s) dictation. God never sleeps. Time never stops.


A ritual say yagjna, worship, prayer and a festival should be at specified Time. This Time is relative. It is in relation to sun rise, sunset earth`s rotation etc. Because time can be measured only in relation to some incidence which should occur first, the unit of time is called the "Second" not the first (Swamy Chinmayananda said so)


In diagrammatic representation for our understanding, a modality that has no beginning or end can be represented only as a CIRCLE. Circumference of a circle has no beginning or an ending. The point of beginning and ending are the same.  So time is called a circle KAL CHAKRA. Every circle has a centre and the distance between the centre and the circumference is called the Radius. Entire universe is the compressed CENTRE.  KAL CHAKRA `s radius is INFINITE


Animals, trees, and humans describe CONCENTRIC CIRCLES in the BIGGEST CIRCLE i.e. GOD.

When GOD incarnates HE gets into a smaller circle of measurable dimensions and Time. After incarnation God leaves the finite circle to be in the INFINITE CIRCLE.


The circle occupied by an organism depends on its KARMIC PRODUCT. Karmic product is the sum total of positive and negative actions and omissions of a body and mind not the SOUL. SIN and SIDDHI is the NEGATIVE and POSITIVE attributes of KARMA. Sin becomes Siddhi through Sadhana. Sin is determined by and defined by SOMEONE who does not stay in humanly conceivable CIRCLE. Murder is NOT A SIN if a soldier kills an enemy soldier but it is a SIN if committed for selfish motive.

Beyond the HUMAN CIRCLE there are bigger circles (cycles) described by Siddhas, Charanas, Yakshas, Gandhrvas, Kinneras, Kimpurushas and beyond.


MOKSHA is reaching the ULTIMATE CIRCLE WHOSE RADIUS IS INFINITE. Only God can explain that state.


Christians and Muslims are perfect Dwitics or so they claim. They believe all souls are judged on the Day of Judgment. God separates saints from sinners and gives either ULTIMATE HEAVEN or HELL.  But these Dwitics fail to answer a simple question. Where did Adam exist before he was created by God ? The answer can be "Adam was part of God/Allah only". And that is Adwita.



Absolute TIME graphically represented   is a straight line being the circumference of a circle whose radius is infinite… But time as measured by humans has a human scale. Time taken by the earth to make a trip around the Sun is 365 ¼ days (called one year). On Saturn it is 19 human years as Saturn takes that much time to make a single circuit around the Sun.


One year thus means differently in different circles around a SINGLE SUN.

Measuring Time differs as Deva mana, Rakshsa mana etc.. Hiranyakasipu started penance when his Son Prahlad was in Leelawathi`s womb. . His penance lasted one hundred years. . Blessed by Shiva he came back to see his son Prahlad just five yrs old.




Galaxies run around in circles.The centrifugal force causes galaxies to expand because each peripheral astronomical body moves away from the center formed by the son or a star. Time is measured only in relation to the position of the Sun , planets or stars and so if  universe expands time expands. If time expands it can contract also .

Miniaturised totally contracted time makes TIME EXTINCT . UNIVERSE THUS ENDS


Matter and energy are inter-convertible. Atom can become energy and vice versa. Energy is static, dynamic, heat, magnetic and electric. These energies are measurable and inter convertible. GOD / LORD is described in every faith as OMNIPOTENT all powerful. Present physics does not have a UNIT to measure it. This SPIRITUAL ENERGY (COSMIC ENERGY or DIVI ENERGY) from another source   is IMMESURABLE. This immeasurable energy from another source is what is GOD’s power altogether.

Like TIME has different scales in different circles, POWER also has different scales in different circles. A RUSHI or MUNI controls and speaks from a distance. Or showers blessings or imposes penalty proportionate to the circle he occupies. The ULTIMATE CIRCLE is a straight line and has limitless measure less energy or is OMNI POTENT.


The laboratory proof of THE ULTIMATE CIRCLE is supplied by Sai Baba of Shiridi, Ramana Maharshi , Ramakrishna Paramhamsa et al

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